Aepril Schaile is an American witch, dancer, poet, and astrologer living in Ireland. She has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe teaching and performing bellydance and performance art. She spends much of her time walking the serpent path along the sea-coast and forests of western Éire with her canine companion Gwyddion. Aepril holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art. Instagram: @aeprilraven

I Guard Your Death.

Sorcery, Prophecy, Otherworld.

A medial, ritual performance of dance and poetry.

Via dance and chanted poetry Aepril will give testimony to her communications and devotional workings with The Morrigan, her sorcerous magicks, her poems and prophecies, as well as interactions with the Sídhe, necromantic encounters, and initiations via the landscape. She will draw on Irish source texts such as the Cath Maige Tuired, documented folklore, charms and spells, approaching them with night-perception and weaving them into an embodied, oracular dream of invoked and shifting presences.

Aepril is an Irish-American diaspora descendant; she is also an immigrant living in Sligo, Ireland. This performance speaks to the recalibration of her energetic body as a Witch via engagement with the land and spirits, ancestral connections remembered, shifting cultural perspectives, a quest for sovereignty and belonging, and increasing feelings of urgency and outrage concerning ecology and kinship with our non-human relations. She draws on her lived experience dancing in stone circles and forests of Ireland.